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A next step towards FabML: a narrative for knowledge sharing use cases in Fab Labs

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P. Troxler, Harmen Zijp | Article | Publication date: 24 August 2013
Fab Labs aim for projects to be shared within the global network. Yet the number of shared projects is small for various reasons – sharing is the responsibility of individual users who may encounter various barriers to sharing, and the rapid growth of the network rendered informal ways of sharing inefective. Creating a central repository has failed on several occasions. Fab Labs often choose their own website as the primary repository for their project documentation, also known as FabMoments. FabML has been proposed as a meta language to describe FabMoments across repositories. This proposal has been validated at the FabFuse2 conference in Amersfoort in 2013, and a narrative of a possible use scenario has been developed to further detail the initial FabML proposal. This article presents the initial FabML use context, as proposed earlier, which consists of a sharing part, a retrieval part, and some initial enhancements to the repository and retrieval system. The article then describes the FabMoment use scenario as developed at FabFuse2 and applies it to the initial FabML proposal. This results in four extensions to the initial description of the FabML use context. The article concludes with a summary of the requirements for the semantic design of a FabMoment, and it outlines the next steps for the development of the semantics of FabML. It also sketches the steps needed for the development of the technical and practical implementation of FabML.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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