Consultancy and Entrepreneurship

    One-year master in English, starts in September and February

    Through this intensive one-year programme, you will achieve a deep understanding of enterprises, learn how to lead your own business and how to effectively advise clients in order to make them more successful in their business endeavours.

    By writing a business solution report on a real-life business challenge, you will be offered a hands-on learning experience, which will prepare you for your future career. The programme prepares students to navigate in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world by focusing on creative solutions to complex problems.

    A graduate of the Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship programme is expected to be a world class problem solver.

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    Three pillars

    Rotterdam Business School's Master programmes are built on three pillars:

    • An innovation-driven, challenging real-life study environment
    • An international collaborative
    • A flexible learning environment


    The curriculum of the Master programme consists of core and specialisation modules. This design was adopted to create the combination of knowledge, skills and competencies that all professionals in the business field must-have.

    The study programme start with a combination of core modules and specialisation modules. The core modules, which focus on management and research, provide the solid foundation of the Master Degree. These core modules are: The Design Mindset; Strategy & Innovation; Leading Transformation and Consulting; Project Management; Responsible Business Management; Business Solution Design; and Research Design


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    After your study programme

    Different possibilities

    After your graduation

    Congratulations! You just finished your Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship and will receive the title Master of Science (MSc).

    With your degree, you will receive a supplement, a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when applying for other study programmes, when applying for a job or looking for the next step within a company or organisation.

    Future perspective

    Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship Graduates perform successfully as management consultant or entrepreneur:

    • As a Management consultant you help organisations to improve their performance and increase their success. You deeply understand the client in their business environment, are capable of managing change processes and facilitating strategy building and evaluation.
    • As an Independent entrepreneur you take initiative in setting up or leading a business. You are able to transform ambitious but realistic strategies and long-term goals to the operational core. The alertness of the entrepreneur leads to recognising opportunities waiting to be seized.

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