Fellicia, Alumni

    Fellicia Giovanni, Indonesian

    Read what our alumni had to say about their experience at RBS and the Master in Consultancy & Entrepreneurship. Intake: September 2019/2020

    Could you please introduce yourself?
    I’m Fellicia Giovanni, 27, from Indonesia. I did my first degree at Staffordshire University in China, majoring in International Business Management and after graduation, I joined my family's business back at home. At the same time, I built my startup, which is a café specialized in plant-based Food & Beverage. Besides my professional life, I also love to engage in social activities and volunteer work, especially in humanitarian relief activities.

    What did you think of RBS and RUAS as a university?
    Personally, I thought the RBS and RUAS teaching style was very unique. It provided me with a good balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

    What was your experience like?
    The experience was wonderful. Although studying and working in a multicultural environment is not unprecedented to me but, interestingly, I can now meet people who are coming from different professionals backgrounds.

    What was special about your programme?
    It was full of adventure. I always felt like MCE was the right programme for me. Thankfully, I made the right decision and I feel so content with this programme. Throughout the programme, I learned extensive and in-depth practical knowledge with different experiences that I’ve never learned before. During the study, there were some challenges, but I believe this is the process we all need to undergo in order to develop ourselves because otherwise, we will never grow.

    Do you like Rotterdam?
    Yes, I like Rotterdam. Personally, I consider it a small city but the good thing about Rotterdam is that everything is close by. I thought it was very convenient that I could bike effortlessly from home to the university, and the city as well. The thing that I like most about this city is that it is very peaceful and full of greenery views. It's just the perfect place to study and to live!

    How did access to companies work within the program?
    Throughout the programme, we had an opportunity to work for companies that are part of the subject’s syllabus. I was assigned to work with two different companies for my assignments and we also had a chance to visit a few companies.