Daniel, Alumni

    Daniel Figueiredo, Brazilian

    Read what our alumni had to say about their experience at RBS and the Master in Consultancy & Entrepreneurship. Intake: September 2019/2020

    Why did you choose MCE?
    I’m Daniel Figueiredo, 27, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to Rotterdam in 2016 to study and work in the maritime industry. After a few years in the market, I recognized I needed to develop additional skills to achieve my career goals, which lead me to pursue the Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship at RUAS.

    What did you think of RBS and RUAS as a university?
    Studying there was enjoyable since the facilities are quite cosy and the atmosphere is very light. It was already quite common for me to meet RUAS alumni in my professional environment, and now I’ve been listening a lot more of “Oh, me too!”.

    What was your experience at RUAS?
    Pleasant, I liked how the studies were very practical, and a lot of times we got to apply our own professional background and experience into assignments. Soon, you find yourself building blocks for your own path.

    What was special about your programme?
    The most enjoyable part was the mix of cultures from all over the world among students, lecturers and staff. The value of this experience is immeasurable, and the more open-minded you are, the more you can learn from it.

    Do you like Rotterdam?
    I love Rotterdam. I decided to move here because of the maritime industry, and here is where things are happening in this field. Beyond that, from the perspective of a Rio de Janeiro-born, I like that’s it’s neither too hot or too cold, not too big but also not small.

    How did access to companies work within the program?
    We had many interactions with companies and external professionals throughout the programme. If you don’t have a professional direction you are looking to move with, you will definitely benefit the most, as many new paths you’ve never thought of will pique your interest, and you will have first-hand contact and opportunities.