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Logistics and Transport Management

Exchange programme

The exchange programme Logistics and Transport Management will introduce you to all important aspects of management of international logistic processes. There will be a strong focus on companies related to the Port of Rotterdam. You will run or give advise to companies that organise transport chains and make relevant and innovative decisions to be ready for the future.

If you want to work on Bachelor level in an international logistics and transport environment, this exchange programme is the best preparation for students. The programme focusses on managing international transport chains.

Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest logistics and industrial hub, a gateway to the European market consisting of 450 million consumers. The port of Rotterdam is situated directly on the North Sea. The European market is accessible from Rotterdam via five competing transport modes: road, rail, inland shipping, coastal shipping and pipeline. One of the main advantages of Rotterdam is its location on the estuary of the rivers Rhine and Maas. As a result, efficient and economical transport by inland shipping is possible deep into the heart of Europe. Logistics plays a vital role here. To stay competitive as a port it is important to organise the hinterland transport in the most efficient and sustainable way always keeping in mind that reliability of the deliveries to clients is key. To optimise the use of the transport capacity in the chain it is important to share information between the involved stakeholders.

Investments in new and better infrastructure is taking place continuously. The development of the second Maasvlakte is an example of this. 

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme information

What to expect

About the programme

During the semester you will be involved in several, sometimes virtual, companies. A quick overview of the things you are going to do: 

  • Advise a fast growing transport company on how to get back in control of its processes.
  • Create an export plan for a local production company.
  • Get practical tools to find out customers needs and translate their requirements in clear goals for the company.
  • Work on your management skills and think out of the box.
  • Work on a practice integration project in which you will act as a consultant in a multidisciplinary team for real company in the port of Rotterdam.  


We work with a mixture of classes and independent work in groups. You will have several excursions both cultural as well as related to the port of Rotterdam.

Type of assessment

One semester consists of two blocks of 10 weeks each. Most courses are rounded off at the end of a block by means of an examination and/or (individual) assignments. Some courses take a full semester.

Learning outcomes

If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

  • Become a successful junior professional in the global business of Logistics and Transportation. 


Block 1

Week 0 Introduction exchange students
Week 1 - 7 Kickoff Block 1
Week 8 Exams
Week 9 - 10 Project the Fresh Connection

Block 2

Week 1 - 7 Lectures/projects
Week 8 Exams
Week 9 - 10 Evaluation projects
Farewell drinks


During the programme there will be two breaks, one in February/March and the other in April/May.


After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records


An indication of the subjects you can expect


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