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Feedback from students

Curious how former International Sustainable Finance and Accounting students experienced this programme? Some students were happy to share their stories with you!

Students from this year (2023-2024) minor* programme:

Comment from student M.:

“For sure recommend it, super fun minor learning international students and topics of sustainability! And fun teachers :) “

“For sure can say that it's a very innovative and fun minor!”

Comment from student B.:

“I highly recommend Jako van Slooten's Management Control and Management Accounting class at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. As from student n exchange student, I found Jako's engaging teaching style and passion for the subject created a energetic learning atmosphere, making the course both enjoyable and insightful. His collaborative approach ensured a positive and inspiring experience for all students.”

Student from past years minor programme:

Comment from student D.: 

"Since there are a lot of changes going on regarding sustainability, the minor International Sustainable Finance & Accounting prepares you for financial positions within companies & organizations, with a focus on the latest developments regarding sustainability. During the 6 months of the minor I learned a lot about finance, accounting and how sustainability relates to these subject. Now as a financial auditor with new laws & regulations such as the CSRD, I have a starting base of how this impacts my field of work and the economy as a whole. Not only did I learn a lot during the minor, I also met a lot of new people from all over Europe and had excellent lecturers that made the minor not only a great learning experience, but also a really fun experience."

Comment from student D.: 

"The minor International Finance & Accounting at RUAS is a superb study programme that gives great insights into the different facets of the financial environment such as Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance and also Sustainable Finance. I appreciated especially the very case-oriented study method and the general practical orientation of the lectures. Furthermore, the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable paired with own experiences in the financial sector. The minor has helped me significantly in my further professional steps and I can definitely recommend this programme to everyone interested in developing more extensive financial knowledge."

Comment from student G.: 

“I initially chose the minor in Sustainable Finance & Accounting to delve deeper into the financial aspect that I found lacking in the IB curriculum.
The influence of teachers on student’s interest in a subject cannot be overstated, and this was certainly true in my case. The depth of industry knowledge and passion displayed by Ms. Knol and Mr. Van Slooten not only made the lectures engaging and informative. Their guidance inspired me to continue exploring finance, leading me to pursue a master’s degree at RSM."

*Dutch students can follow a 30 ECTS specialisation as part of their study programme, this is called a "minor" in Dutch. To avoid confusion, be aware that this term is often used by the lecturers and Dutch students instead of exchange programme.