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    This practical exchange programme introduces you to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency by building a simple working prototype from scratch and providing the theoretical knowledge behind it

    In this exchange programme you will review and learn blockchain technologies by building a simple working prototype from scratch. This project-based course allows you to learn, apply and evaluate your knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency, the most popular application of blockchain. You will review fundamental components of a blockchain, by developing a cryptocurrency in a blockchain data structure using Python. You will learn about digital signatures, hashing and proof-of-work mining. You will also design and build a scheme for decentralised consensus including communicating over TCP/IP sockets.  

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    About the programme

    This programme is planned for 2 educational periods (or blocks) of 10 weeks, called OP (Onderwijsperiodes), so in total it consists of 20 weeks. To achieve the intended learning outcomes of the programme, various activities including lecture, quiz, class assignment, homework, research, presentation and open discussions are conducted and followed every week. 


    Type of assessment

    This programme contains multiple assessment components:

    • Quiz (weekly)
    • Research and Presentation
    • Class Exercise (weekly)
    • Homework (weekly)
    • Final Assignment Part 1 (OP1)
    • Final Assignment Part 2 (OP2)




    Learning outcomes

    If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

    • Understand and implement asymmetric encryption, digital signature, and signature verification
    • Understand and implement basic components of a blockchain and cryptocurrency (transaction, public ledger, hash, block, and tamper-proof blockchain) and its operations (verification, validation, load, and store)
    • Understand and implement decentralisation, mining, consensus, proof of work, nonce, mining reward, transaction fee
    • Understand and implement communication and networking in blockchain, miner, wallet, client/server and concurrency in miners and wallets


    OP / Block 1


    OP / Block 2



    After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

    • Transcript of Records


    An indication of the topics that will be taught


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