School of Commerce

    The School prepares business talents for careers as professional entrepreneurs and so contributes to the enhancement of innovative power.


    Our students are developing into valuable professionals, by learning in a practical setting. Here, you will find a survey of the best practices that our students have worked on.

    NIBS Worldwide Case Competition

    The School of Commercial Management Studies and the School of Financial Management have participated in the so-called NIBS Worldwide Case Competition for a number of years. After a digital first round, in which all the NIBS members can participate, the ten best teams are invited for the finals, which are mostly held in March. These teams compete against each other for a week in order to reach the best solution for a strategic business problem. For every case the teams must present a strategic plan before a jury. This jury consists of academic experts as well as experts from the professional field. During this week the participating teams can also take part in a cultural and social programme, in which they are given an opportunity to widen their international network. The week is concluded with a state dinner.

    The teams of the School of Commercial Management Studies and the School of Financial Management have already made it to the finals several times. In 2012, the School of Commercial Management Studies and the School of Financial Management hosted the event.

    Russian Business Days

    The Rotterdam Business School and the School of Commercial Management Studies organised the Russian Business Days in May 2013. This was a four-day conference in the context of the bilateral Netherlands-Russia year 2013. In the framework of this event, the Sports Marketing and Management course (SMM) organised a special seminar about the triangular relation of great events - sports facilities - city marketing and city branding. This event took place in the Feijenoord stadium De Kuip.

    In the weeks preceding this conference, SMM-students from the Honours Degree-path worked together with students from Moscow. This was a project carried out via e-mail, Skype, and videoconference. During the conference, the Russian students visited the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Together with the Dutch students they undertook activities inside and outside of class. The models which were developed, measure the relationship between city branding and large-scale events in large sports accommodations.

    Business Breakfast and Seminar Central America

    In October 2012, in the framework of the launch of the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and Central America, a business breakfast was organised at which the representatives of the relevant embassies, entrepreneurs, teachers, and students was given an opportunity to do some networking. Shortly thereafter, in November 2012, the seminar Central America: A Gateway to High Growth Business was organised. Both the business breakfast and the seminar formed part of the Dutch Central America Trade Organization (DUCATO) project.