School of Commerce

    The School prepares business talents for careers as professional entrepreneurs and so contributes to the enhancement of innovative power.


    Internationalisation is an important theme within the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The so-called Rotterdam Educational Model (ROM) of the University is focused on merging national and international best practices with in-school curricular programmes, giving form to the principle of "Outside in, Inside out". This also means that the school programme is enriched by best practice experience, while the results of up-to-date teaching contribute to bringing everyday business practice to a higher level. Offering international placements to students is an example of this principle.

    The School of Commercial Management Studies is one of the largest schools within the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, with over 3000 students divided over four years of study. The School trains ambitious students to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs. 

    The School offers a variety of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programmes, i.e. Bachelor of Marketing and its specialisation programme in Sports Marketing & Management, and the Bachelor of Small Business and Retail Management. Internationalisation is a major focus within the School.


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