Residence Permit lost or stolen?

    What to do when your card is lost or stolen

    Your Dutch study residence permit card is the property of the Dutch Immigration Office (IND). You therefore need to take good care of it. However, if your residence permit card is lost or stolen during your stay, then you need to follow the following steps.

    Step 1: File a police report

    You first need to go to the police to report the loss or theft. You can reach them at 0900-8844. The police will give you a certified copy of the official report. You will need the copy of the official report to apply for a replacement of your residence permit card.

    Report the loss or theft to the local police. Make sure that you keep a copy of the police report. The report has to be drawn up in Dutch, English, French or German. If not, then the report has to be translated by a translator certified by a Dutch court.

    Step 2. Apply for the replacement of your residence permit

    You will need to apply for the replacement of your residence permit yourself. The university is not involved in the process. The application form and information about the cost of the application can be found on the IND's website. The IND will aim to process your application within 8 weeks.

    Step 3. Collect your new residence permit.

    The IND will try to have your new residence permit card ready for you within 2 weeks after approving your application. You will receive a letter to inform you that your new residence permit is ready for you to collect. To collect the new residence permit from the IND, you will have to make an appointment online. You pay the costs for the application at the IND desk when collecting the new residence permit card.

    Frequently asked questions

    The replacement residence card has the same end date as the original residence permit card.

    In this case we advise you to contact for advice before applying for a replacement of your residence permit card as it might be better for us to apply for an extension for you in this particular case, instead of replacing the card.

    If you lose your permit shortly before you will complete your studies at our university and you have no intention of staying on in the Netherlands after your studies, it may not be necessary to apply for a replacement of your residence permit. Contact the IND at 088-0430430 for personal advice on this matter.

    After you have reported the residence permit as lost or stolen to the police, the card is no longer valid. If you find your card again after reporting it to the police, you can no longer use it. You will need to hand it in to the IND. You can send the old residence permit card by post to:

    IND Bureau Documenten
    P.O. Box 7025
    8007 HA Zwolle