Deregistration at Dutch Immigration Office (IND)

    Withdrawal of residence permit

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) is obliged by law to inform the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) about any changes regarding your status as a student.

    This means we have to notify the IND when you are no longer registered as a student or when you no longer meet the requirements of the study residence permit.

    The most common reasons to notify the IND

    • Graduation
    • Termination of studies
    • Completion of your exchange
    • Switch to a different university
    • Insufficient study progress
    • Insufficient financial means

    What happens after the university has deregistered you at the IND

    Once the university has informed the IND you are no longer at student or you no longer meet the requirements of your study residence permit, the IND will send you a letter by post to your Dutch address (your municipality registration address) to confirm the intention of withdrawing your residence permit. Please note this could take some time. If you wish to appeal the decision of the university to notify the IND, you can submit an appeal at the IND. Further instructions can be found in the letter that you will receive by post.

    Returning your residence permit card

    If you are leaving the Netherlands, then please return your residence permit card.

    You can refer to the Hand in your residence permit document (VVR) section on the Leaving the Netherlands HINT page for instructions on how to return your residence permit card.