Costs of living in Rotterdam

    Students living and studying in Rotterdam spend approximately €1000 to €1400 a month. It is needed to cover daily expenses, meals, accommodation costs, insurance etc. The amount varies based mainly on each student’s rent.


    The biggest part of your budget will usually go up to your rent. The amount for rent is between €475 and €1000 per month depending on the area, type of accommodation and what is included in the rent. You can find more information about accommodation on our housing page.

    Going out

    Going out expenses may differ from one person to another. Drinking on a night out means paying €3,50 for a beer and €4,50 for a glass of wine. For culture lovers, a cinema ticket costs around  €11,50. A Cineville membership can offer you unlimited access to all independent film theatres. If you want to do a lot of fun things, a Rotterdam pass* will allow you to do so with a discount or even for free. 

    *Website only available in Dutch


    Buying bread, milk, eggs, cheese, pasta, vegetables and fruits will cost you approximately €250 per month.


    The Netherlands has a good public transportation network. A 2 hours ticket costs €4,50 . On average students spend around €60-€100 on public transport within the area of Rotterdam. This however depends on the distance that you need to travel as travelling between cities can become expensive. The great thing about the Netherlands though is that you can get around easily on a bike and this will save you a lot of money. Most students buy a second-hand bike from Marktplaats and Marketplace on Facebook, or get a monthly subscription to Swapfiets.


    You can choose between a prepaid SIM card and a contract. Students generally spend around €15 to €35 per month on data, calls and messaging. You can read more about obtaining a Dutch mobile number on our introduction page.


    The type of healthcare insurance you need depends on your personal situation. A private student insurance costs between €60-€140 per month. More information about health insurance can be found on our health insurance page.


    On average, a gym membership fluctuates between €25 to €50 per month. RUAS students can also use the Erasmus Sports facilities, more information about their packages and fees can be found on their website