Ilias el Hadioui

    Equal opportunities

    City- and educational sociologist Iliass El Hadioui will present in a Ted-Talk about the sociological-demographic transition of big cities into super-diverse cities. This transition causes new youth cultures and languages to develop. Along with the growing plurality in family cultures, this transition presents a challenge for children and youngsters, since they need to switch between different languages, attitudes and social codes in- and outside of the school culture. To conclude, Iliass El Hadioui will highlight the significance of self efficacy as the most important form of resilience for students and professionals in urban schools.   

    About Iliass el Hadioui

    Iliass el Hadioui is a scientific teacher in Educational sciences and Urban Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. With his team and in collaboration with teachers and school leaders in urban schools he developed the Transformative School programme. His expertise is in the field of the interdisciplinary approach of educational sciences and urban sociology. He also leads a research programme on urban education at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Lastly, he is a member of the Dutch National Council of Education; the highest and independent advisory body for the minister of Education, Culture and Science.