Our Agenda

    In the strategic agenda of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences "Our Agenda, educating for the world of tomorrow in Rotterdam" our ambitions and common tasks are described.

    Core of the agenda

    • We want to shape the best possible future-proof higher education. Education that anticipates the dynamics of the professional field and acknowledges the diversity of our students.
    • Every student reaches for a high level and is developing to become a competent, reflective and enterprising professional. While studying he or she is shaped further both personally and professionally.
    • We offer every student a safe learning environment in which they are acknowledged and recognised. Our education is small scale: small groups, short communication lines and personal guidance.
    • We offer all students equal opportunities and challenge them to reach for the highest goals. We guide students in their choices. The end qualifications are fixed, but the road leading there may vary in form, content or tempo.
    • We organise our education to be rich in context. Students, lecturers, researchers and field professionals work together in a work-study environment.
    • Professional autonomy is central in our manner of working. The lecturer teams are responsible for the quality of our education.
    • Directors, management, and supporting staff ensure an environment in which lecturer teams may excel.

    In order to realise the above mentioned, the coming years we will focus on transforming our education. Focus is on the way in which we educate our students, how we manage, support, and are organised.

    Download Our Agenda (PDF, 172 KB)


    The content of Our Agenda has been established based on analysis, talks with students, lecturers, associate professors, management and supporting staff. We also held discussions with colleagues at other schools, and field professionals from Rotterdam. The tasks that are set out in Our Agenda will be further developed in the agenda of realisation.

    Publication: coexisting in modern society

    The school as a 'transitional space' toward the modern society

    What is the justification of a large school in the society of our future? Large schools of higher education have the opportunity of uniting many differences under one roof. Students learn to broaden their horizon and to be part of a substantial, diverse population. 

    In the essay "Coexisting in modern society", Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences President Ron Bormans states his vision on higher education. This summary captures the essence of the essay.