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Developing, working, learning together in hubs

We are heading toward placing responsibility with the study programme teams. Professionalisation of all directly and indirectly involved thus becomes a necessity.

All staff members contribute to the student’s learning process in order to reach the goals.  Gaining some experience in this new situation takes time and effort. In order to realise the transition, an approach is needed that allows us to learn and change gradually and collectively. 

We are introducing the notion of the ‘HUB’ (WERKPlaats) for this transitional process. In the hub we develop and work with new forms and conditions in order to pursue our vision. The hubs will give us the opportunity to actually experience the transition that we have in mind, and provides us with insights that will help us further implement changes in the rest of the organisation. The goal is to realise high-quality, inclusive education that is rich in texture. The dimensions reach further than a study programme or institute. Lecturers and researchers are ‘in the lead’ and are working evidence-based on new methods, organisational design and professionalisation, together with the practice and with the students. The staff facilitates, offers expertise and supports. In this way a hub becomes an open network where quality improvement, innovation and professional development go hand in hand. The Executive Board guards the frameworks, clarity of goals; motivates, facilitates, and invests. Experiences and knowledge are shared and developed.

We are setting up eight hubs.