Responsibility lies with the study programme teams

    Lecturers – the ones closest to our students, who have much knowledge about the students’ learning process, and who have a well-developed command of pedagogical and didactic qualities.

    They will have a  maximum influence on the content and managing of education. It is a necessity that they are given the space and responsibility to be able to use their professional mental power to create the best possible education.

    In Our Agenda we have used the term lecturer teams, making the difference. With the appealing
    perspective sketched by the working group Organisation, we are introducing the concept of the
    Study Programme Team.  Lecturers can only give the learning process a central place once they have been assured of suitable support, so that the supporting colleagues can participate actively and completely within the team. Only then can a smooth education organisation be realised. We are therefore placing the direction of organising, developing and implementing our education with the lecturers, and staff members who contribute to the learning process of the student, the so-called study programme teams.

    A study programme team:

    • Is responsible for building a work-study environment with ‘the practice’, ‘research’ and with students.
    • Is overall responsible for the education of the study programme and puts the priorities of education into practice.
    • Ensures that the common values of the school become apparent in the education.
    • Determines the criteria of responsibility toward the students, the organisation and environment, based in the team’s development phase.
    • Determines the necessary rules for improvement of quality, and continuous development of  education.
    • Has advisory powers for replacing or abolishing outdated or superfluous rules of the school.
    • Puts the student’s learning process, and of all those who contribute to this, at the centre.

    Not just the learning process of the student has a central place. The learning process of all those who contribute to this as well. Because if we want to commit to the necessary development of the school, long-term professionalisation will subsequently be necessary as well (for more details, please see further information about the hubs).