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Student Housing

We are able to cover part of the demand for accommodation by exchange students. We have reserved approximately 100 furnished rooms at the largest provider of student housing SSH in the Netherlands. Please be aware that accommodation is on a “First come, first served” basis. For a detailed description about the registration procedure, we kindly refer you to our website.

The rental prices for student housing through SSH range from EUR 420 to EUR 640 per month depending on the building and size of the room. Rental prices at the private market start at about € 300 for rooms and can go up to € 1.500 for apartments. The cost of gas and electricity are not always included in the rent. Landlords usually charge a deposit. Students who wish to arrange housing by themselves on the private market are strongly advised to start searching on time. Please remember that they have to be vigilant of fraudulent activities while searching on the private market. More information is available on our website - Alternative Housing Providers.

Our university is spread out over the city of Rotterdam. For more information about the different districts in Rotterdam and the different locations of Rotterdam UAS, please see our website. Another interesting town with good public transportation connections to Rotterdam and our university is the city of Schiedam.

Please see our separate Student Housing website. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, we also have a Housing Officer within Rotterdam UAS available who might be able to help:


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