Pre-Master application procedure

    Steps to your enrolment

    1. Please apply via studielink
    2. Centre of International Affairs (CoIA) confirms your application by email together with application instructions and a list of required documents that you need to send to CoIA for evaluation.
      1. Required documents can be sent by email. However please be informed that digital copies of your diploma and final transcripts are only used to determine if you meet the requirements. For your final registration, original certified photocopies* of your diploma and final transcripts send by post or submitted in person are still required.
      2. If at the time of applying you are still in your final year, we can also determine if you are eligible to apply based on your current transcripts plus a statement from your school indicating when and for which diploma you are expected to graduate. 
    3. CoIA admissions will check that your diploma and your level of English meet the requirements for the programme and will contact you for an intake interview.
    4. After the intake interview you will receive a conditional admission and statement of understanding. Additional information about practical matters like housing, insurance and visa will be provided by email by team Student Support.
    5. You will receive an invoice by email for tuition fees and additional fees that apply.
    6. Non-EU only: After you have paid the fees as stated on the invoice and we have received the signed documents, CoIA will apply for your student visa (MVV), if necessary. You (or your agent) will be informed when your MVV is ready to be collected at the Dutch consulate or embassy in your country. 
    7. After arrival in the Netherlands, we will welcome you to our University of Applied Sciences during the CoIA introduction eek which takes place before the start of your study programme (participation in the Introduction week is mandatory). During these days CoIA will assist you with practical matters like municipality registration and residence permit and several social activities will be organized by CoIA and the student ambassadors.

    *An original certified photocopy is a photocopy of your original diploma/transcript. This copy is stamped and signed by the school or the institute which awarded your diploma

    ** If you will not obtain your Diploma before the 31st of January (spring)/ 31st of August (fall) we need to receive a statement from your school with the following information:

    • Your personal details; initial(s), surname, date of birth and place of birth.
    • The name and location of the school.
    • The name of the course/Diploma that is obtained.
    • The name of the subjects in which the finals have been taken. (or separate final transcript)
    • The date of graduation.
    • The date on which the diploma was obtained or will be issued.

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