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Bachelors RBS fasttrack

What is the Fast Track Programme?

The 3 year fast track programme is a more intense version of our International Business programme. It was designed to provide students who have a VWO background a more challenging education. As mentioned in order to do this version, students must have a VWO equivalent previous education. These are educations such as the international baccalaureate. Below is some more information for you to understand further the fast track programme. 

Admission Requirements

3-year programme (Fast track)

Dutch secondary education diploma

Applicants with a Dutch secondary education diploma (VWO), please check the website of Hogeschool Rotterdam for details about Admission Requirements.

EU and non EU nationality applicants without a Dutch diploma

Students with a Secondary school diploma equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma are eligible for our Fast Track International Business bachelor programme.

Click here to check at the Nuffic website whether your diploma meets the minimum level requirement. 

You need to meet the following requirements:

  • For a final registration we need to either receive an original certified photocopy* of your diploma and final transcript by post. Or you can show your original diploma and transcript in person before the deadline of 31st of August**. Certified translations (by sworn translator) are required if not in Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish. 
  • English test level (scroll down for English requirements).
  • Complete the study programme check.
  • Pass the intake interview with the Fast Track coordinator.

*An original certified photocopy is a photocopy of your original diploma. This copy is stamped and signed by the school or the institute which awarded your diploma.

When you graduate before September 1st, 2023 but do not receive your diploma before September 1st, 2023, then you must hand in a declaration of graduation (completely filled in and signed) by August 31st, 2023 at the latest at the Centre of International Affairs. You will be sent this form, but we will also add it here when available.