Individual differences among at-risk students changing the relationship between resilience and vocational identity

    Publication of Urban Talent

    R. Keijzer, R. Rijst,van der, E.J. Schooten,van, W. Admiraal | Article | Publication date: 08 November 2021
    The way at-risk students see themselves as workers, their vocational identity, is important for their career development. Special programs for heterogeneous groups of at-risk students in the Netherlands aim to foster students’ vocational identity and their task may be eased by stimulating resilience. Therefore this cross-sectional study explored whether differences in at-risk students’ individual characteristics moderate the relationship between their resilience and vocational identity. In general, resilient students often have strong vocational identities compared to less resilient students. However, the strength of the relationships vary with varying personal characteristics. Results enable educational programs to attune to at-risk students with the strongest relationships between resilience and vocational identity: males, younger subgroups, and those experiencing less motivation and low school engagement.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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