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Rineke Keijzer-Groot

PhD candidate Professional identity for at-risk youth

Rineke Keijzer-Groot does PhD research on the professional identity of young people with a vulnerable school career.

Rineke is a cognitive psychologist. Since 2009, Keijzer has been a principal lecturer at the Institute of Social Study Programmes (ISO) of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. There she held various positions.

Since February 2015, Keijzer has been coordinator of the graduation programme for the master’s in Educational Theory. Together with the lecturers and graduation supervisors involved, she gives shape to the content, quality and level of graduation. She also gives lectures and workshops on conducting research. Graduation assignments are assessed in close cooperation with professors from the research centre.

Since 2009, Keijzer has also participated in research conducted by the Research Centre Urban Talent. Currently, she is working on research about the collaboration between professionals who play a role in the guidance of entry students (mbo-1). In September 2012, she started her own PhD research project "What works for at-risk youth" for which she obtained funding from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

PhD research
Rineke's PhD research focuses on the vocational identity of young people with vulnerable school careers in order to increase their chances of employment and social inclusion.


By Rineke Keijzer-Groot


By Rineke Keijzer-Groot