Transition in care for youth with intellectual disabilities

    Publication date: 01 April 2013

    The project ‘Transition in care for youth with intellectual disabilities’ aimed to realise a Transitional Care protocol. This protocol mainly focuses on the care providers involved in health care for young people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and especially deals with the bottlenecks in the transition from paediatric care to adult care as experienced by care providers, parents and youths.


    The survey was held among over 130 professionals and pertains to their experiences with transferring and receiving youth with intellectual disabilities from various target groups. It appears that there are great differences in the extent to which difficulties are experienced in this transition. The transition is especially difficult for youths who also have behavioural and psychiatric problems. Nearly all of the respondents find that an important role lies in store for the physician for intellectual disabilities (AVG). Adequate financing of transition care is the main obstacle in the realisation of the recommendations made by a national workgroup.