Transition in care for youth with intellectual disabilities

    Publication date: 01 April 2013

    The project ‘Transition in care for youth with intellectual disabilities’ aimed to realise a Transitional Care protocol. This protocol mainly focuses on the care providers involved in health care for young people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and especially deals with the bottlenecks in the transition from paediatric care to adult care as experienced by care providers, parents and youths.


    This project was started in 2013 in order to develop a Transitional Care protocol for intellectual disability care. The research centre was part of a national consortium representing professionals working with young people with intellectual disabilities (including AVG physicians) and various patients' and parents' platforms (incl. the VSOP). In the first phase, the bottlenecks experienced by care providers in the transition of children to adult care were assessed. A survey was distributed among the participating professional organisations.

    The next step will be to set the minimal criteria for good transition care, partially on the basis of the current initiatives in the participating care institutions, and to bundle them into a Transition Care protocol.