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Self-management and Nursing

Publication date: 01 June 2011

NURSE-CC (Nursing Research into Self-management and Empowerment in Chronic Care) is an ambitious, joint effort of researchers and nurses of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University and Erasmus MC including other partners, to boost nursing research and SMS-innovations for people with chronic conditions (CC) treated in Erasmus MC.


The world-wide rise in chronic disease demands a shift from traditional provider-centered care toward collaborative care, in which facilitating patients' self-management is a key component. Self-management is a person's ability to manage a chronic condition (symptoms, treatment, physical and psychosocial consequences, and life style changes) in such a way that optimal quality of life is achieved. Healthcare providers should be fully equipped to provide adequate self-management support (SMS). Nurses, with their central role in patient care, are expected to take the lead in this direction, implying that new competencies need to be developed and trained.