Giving young people a voice: the instrument My Path

    Publication date: 01 September 2013

    The ‘Disability Studies: Diversity in Participation’ research group has developed a new instrument called ‘My Path’. The aim is to give youth a voice so that they can take charge of their own life and future. The instrument has originally been developed for and with 16+ youngsters living in a residential institution and who have multiple complex problems.


    My Path has been developed within the project ‘You can learn to participate’, an initiative of Horizon Youth Care and Education and Cardea. TriviumLindenhof and Stek joined later.


    The care for youth with multiple complex problems who live in residential institutions is still inadequately geared to the needs of young persons in this stage of their lives. Ideally, the care plan stimulates the development of autonomy, self-insight and self-confidence, so that youth can learn to participate in a manner that suits them. The research group Disability Studies: Diversity in Participation, under the leadership of Mieke Cardol, has been invited to design a measurement instrument to assess the development of autonomy and participation of youth in residential care over time. The aim was to develop an instrument that stimulates youth to find and express their own voice.

    'My Path' App and My Path Workbook

    The ‘My Path’ app and the My Path Workbook have been designed as supportive tools that can be offered to youth to promote person-centered care.