Prevention of behavioural problems in children

    Research into the effectiveness of prevention programmes and the required competencies of primary school teachers

    Publication date: 01 April 2016

    Rotterdam has relatively many children of the primary school age with severe psychosocial problems. Aggression, rebellious behaviour and hyperactivity are among the most common psychosocial problems in this group. Important conditions for successful prevention of psychological problems for these children is knowing which prevention programmes are effective and which children need more intensive support and care. This study answers these questions.


    Children who exhibit severe externalising behaviour during the primary school period run the risk of on developing serious problems later, such as antisocial and delinquent behaviour, addiction and anxiety & mood symptoms.

    Prevention for Rotterdam youth

    Also in the New Rotterdam's youth system the emphasis is on prevention. The establishment of the Rotterdam Academic Collaborative ST-RAW has given a boost to a sustained and joint effort on the research into the effectiveness and implementation of new prevention strategies. This study will, therefore, make an important contribution to the objectives of ST-RAW.