Careers in elderly care

    A contribution to the personnel and labour market policy in elderly care

    Publication date: 01 January 2012

    Polyphony in the career stories of workers in care for the elderly and its reflection in the organisation.


    Interim results

    • The investigator has a collaborative contract with the Personnel, Organisaton and Education Department of Laurens in Rotterdam.
    • Two locations of Laurens, Dijkveld and Antonius IJsselmonde, and the entire HRM team are participating in the research.
    • A narrative interview was conducted with 25 care employees about their lives and careers.
    • These care employees also participated in a focus group in the form of a ‘tell and sing workshop’ about the importance of the work in care to them or to society or to the elderly.
    • The HRM staff participated in a focus group in the form of a musical listening and inspiring workshop.
    • Three articles about the methodology appeared in the Dutch magazine for qualitative scientific methodology (KWALON).