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Careers in elderly care

A contribution to the personnel and labour market policy in elderly care

Publication date: 01 January 2012

Polyphony in the career stories of workers in care for the elderly and its reflection in the organisation.


A qualitative and narrative action research at the institution of care for the elderly, Laurens, aiming to contribute to a policy in which the care employee as a person is possible. The PhD research is conducted within the framework of the UvH University of Humanistic Studies.

Project description

First, care employees tell stories about how their lives and careers are connected. Because of the focus on this connection, the stories of the care employees are referred to as ‘polyphonic stories’ in this research. The group investigates wether listening to the stories of the care employees elicits new ideas in the HRM staff for the personal and labour market policy. The response of the HRM team to the polyphonic stories of the care employees is called ‘resonance’ in the survey. Finally, the group investigates whether musical work formats can make a valuable contribution to organisational development and scientific research.