Academic Workplace for Midwifery & Perinatal Health

    Publication date: 01 January 2011

    The Rotterdam Midwifery Academy is a collaborative partnership for education and research in midwifery between RUAS and Erasmus University Medical Centre. This research is embedded in an academic workplace (the Academic Workplace for Midwifery & Perinatal Health), which is a joint venture of the research group of Midwifery & Maternity Care and the Department of Midwifery & Gynaecology of Erasmus University Medical Centre.


    The Academic Workplace revolves around the improvement of the care provided throughout the midwifery chain (-9 months up to 4 years). Care providers (including midwives, maternity nurses, and gynaecologists), teachers, researchers and students exchange knowledge and experience. We also assess and evaluate innovation in the daily care provided in our field. In the Academic Workplace, practice, research and education go ‘hand in hand’.

    The Academic Workplace being at the interface of education, research and the professional practice makes it possible to quickly share the knowledge acquired. Teachers and students are directly involved in new developments. Midwives can implement the research finding in their practices. This adds value for the midwifery care providers, students as well as researchers.