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Martine van der Pluijm


Martine van der Pluijm (1972) was born in Schiedam in the Netherlands. She started working as a social worker and combined her work with a degree course in Pedagogy at an institute for higher professional education. In 2002, Martine completed her master in Pedagogical Sciences, specializing in Educational Philosophy, at Radboud University Nijmegen. She had various positions in different organizations and worked as a policy advisor and as a coach and developer of education methods in the field of education. In 2006, she started working as an independent advisor, researcher, and project manager. During this period, she became involved in the specific subject related to this thesis: the role of teachers in preventing the intergenerational transfer of language and literacy problems. In 2011, she wrote a PhD proposal on how teachers can build partnerships with lower-educated parents in support of child language development. She received a grant from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to conduct research in 2012 and started working there as a lecturer in Pedagogy and Social Work in the Bachelor program. Martine is interested in design-based research (DBR) to develop new research-based interventions that are customized to the needs of children, parents, and educators. She is especially interested in issues that concern equity and child education.

Currently, Martine is a postdoc researcher in the design and effects for the At Home in Language program for teachers to support families at their pupil’s homes. This design is focused on how teachers can extend their partnerships with lower-educated parents in support of young children’s language development, tailored to the needs of families. This home-based design will be a complementary part of the school-based program Martine designed during her PhD research. She teaches Social Work in the Bachelor program and Pedagogy in the Master Pedagogy and is involved in developing a comprehensive research program (DBR) for students.


By Martine van der Pluijm


By Martine van der Pluijm

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