Rens Martijn

    Former - Lecturer-Researcher, MSc, RN

    Rens Martijn is working as a researcher at Research Centre Innovations in Care at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is part of the research programme Integrated Care of Research Centre Innovations in Care. Rens Martijn is also a Principal Lecturer at the Bachelor of Nursing and he is Coordinator Internationalisation and active in project-based education and several elective courses.

    Rens Martijn was working on the projects Fighting Loneliness and Young and Old Together Gold, together with Marleen Goumans and Elin Koppelaar.

    He has worked as a nurse in nursing homes for a long time and he has been working with people with different types/stages of dementia. Rens Martijn has been engaged in the development of a nursing and multidisciplinary automated information system for more than 15 years.

    Rens Martijn has  specialised in nursing diagnostics, classification models and theory. He has spent a part of his working life on optimising the business processes at the National Agency of Correctional Institutions of the Ministry of Justice and Security.  


    By Rens Martijn