Dr. Karin Neijenhuis

    Professor Care for Communication

    In 2016, Karin Neijenhuis was appointed professor ‘Care for Communication’. She already worked as lecturer in the Speech language Therapy bachelor’s programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) since 2003. In 2012, she became senior lecturer Evidence-Based Care. She investigates evidence-based practice in health care, especially in speech therapy. Karin has work experience in several auditory centres, doing diagnostic assessment and supporting parents and children with developmental speech-language problems and hearing disorders.

    Karin Neijenhuis worked at several audiologic centres, doing research on diagnostics in speech-language and hearing problems. 

    Together with colleagues of the research centre, Karin Neijenhuis wrote a practical handbook for students, teachers and professionals who do applied research in healthcare, called ‘Zorgbasics, praktijkgericht onderzoek’. She has also been involved in making an advisory report for the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences about requirements for graduating at a University of Applied Sciences and the role and level of research competence in bachelor’s degree.


    By Dr. Karin Neijenhuis


    By Dr. Karin Neijenhuis