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Shipping and Transport, Part-time

Two-year master in English, starts in September

Do you want to improve your knowledge and understanding of the shipping & transport industry? Want to strengthen your managerial skills and take the next step in your career?

Do you have a background in shipping, logistics or business administration and do you want to apply your knowledge in the maritime work field? The master, Shipping and Transport will offer you an opportunity to broaden your perspective. You’ll learn about the ins and outs of international harbours and shipping companies and you’ll learn about and implement the considerations that are part of the logistics process. Alongside that, you’ll keep developing your management skills, which will be extremely valuable throughout your international career.

Learning to see connections

The Shipping and Transport master will provide you with a complete overview of the workfield. You’ll unravel how manufacturers and consumers are connected via harbours and shipping companies, and which factors are contributing. By being aware of these factors, you will be able to make smarter decisions. For example, how can you make sure that transport is both affordable and sustainable? How do you choose a ship for a certain trip? And how do you make sure that a harbour will stay appealing for international trading? In this programme, critical thinking and finding innovative solutions will become your second nature. The typical Rotterdam 'hands-on and make things happen’-approach, is a mentality every harbour in the world wants to experience!

Personal development

During this year you haven’t only focused on your knowledge of the maritime and logistic world, but also of yourself. What type of manager are you? Do you prioritise sustainability, staff or something else? Which topics and areas of work do you think are interesting? And where can you contribute the most using your unique talents? Alongside analytics abilities, you will develop your presentation and communication skills. Everything will be in English!

Research in the work field

Your learning activities will be divided into lectures, assignments and practice-oriented research. Because this master is part of a university of applied science, the results of your research will be immediately linked to the workfield. This will directly reflect on your ideas and whether or not they work. During your thesis process, you will work on a solution for a problem which is related to the maritime workfield. The assignment is given by a company or one of the knowledge centres, which are part of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. For example knowledge centre Sustainable Harbour city.

Full-time or part-time?

Note: you can do this master full-time or part-time. Do you prefer to study part-time? The programme will then take you two years instead of one. In the curriculum we are taking longer periods of absence into account, so you will be able to work during this master's, for example in shipping.

Please note: this programme is for EU students & Non-EU students. Non-EU students that apply must already have a valid Dutch residence permit to be accepted to the programme. To view the full admission requirements click here.

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Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Unique Master’s programme

Shipping & Transport unique features

  • You will acquire in-depth knowledge of shipping and transport of the various constituent domains, specifically shipping management, economics and finance, logistics management and transport laws & policies.  

  • You will gain knowledge and insight into transitional processes, system changes, and research methods; 

  • You are challenged to approach maritime and transport-related issues from different perspectives and from different stakeholders 

  • You will develop your personal and professional competencies through research methods based on a didactically supported competency profile and will be tested and assessed for satisfactory completion by maritime professionals, applied professors, researchers, and lecturers. 

The Shipping and Transport master is the only professional Master’s programme in this field at the HBO level in the Netherlands. A Master’s programme at the HBO level is distinguished by its practical approach, intensive collaboration with the work field, and a broad perspective on the material. 


The Master Shipping and Transport is a two year part-time programme which guides students to make the link between understanding the fundamental maritime and transport concepts, tools and techniques and to apply them effectively and successfully in real-life situations. We practice a genuine ‘Rotterdam hands-on and make-things-happen’approach which is our distinctive strength. 

The year is split into two semesters, within each semester there are 2 blocks, so 4 blocks within the year. 

The programme culminates with the Master thesis, the final and ultimate deliverable of the programme, which demonstrates the proof that the student has reached a master level of all the programme competencies. 

Schedule & Study Load

The year is split into two semesters, within each semester there are 2 blocks, so 4 blocks within the year. Each block consists of 7 weeks of classes followed by an exam period of one week and two weeks for projects and excursions. During the year you will have class, during the day, once a week, on a Monday. Meaning, approximately 8 hours of class and 12 hours of self-study per week.*

 *Please note, the programme is evolving and information is subject to change. 


The modules for this year

After your study programme

Different possibilities

After your graduation

Congratulations! You just finished your Master in Shipping and Transport and will receive the title Master of Science (MSc).

With your degree, you will receive a supplement, a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when applying for other study programmes, when applying for a job or looking for the next step within a company or organisation.


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