Frequently asked questions

    How does the week look?

    For the part-time programme we aim to have our education taught on Thursdays at the Kralingse Zoom location. This will be throughout the day, with the rest of the week dedicated to self-study. More information about this will follow in the upcoming programme webinar.*

    Is an applied science master as much 'worth' as a scientific master?

    For most national and international students this is one of the basic questions. The answer to this question is yes. In both cases you get an accredited and internationally recognised master's degree. The main difference is the orientation of the programme. The route towards the degree is different, but the level of the master diploma is the same. Applied science master graduates always rely on a question of one's own profession, and scientific master graduates mainly rely on scientific questions. The applied science master student contributes to the renewal of the profession while a scientific master student is executing research on the basis of a theoretical question, and thus creates new scientific knowledge. 

    What is the starting level of the master programme?

    The master programmes are intended for students and professionals with a business bachelor's degree who are smart and ambitious, handle complex issues and who wish to continuously develop focused on the professional business field. 

    How do you educate master students?

    The master programmes offer education in which you learn to function better in the profession, and to have an impact on the profession. This means that graduates can achieve real change in business life. The graduate department ensures in her education that students collaborate in small groups with real social and business related issues and that they learn to work together in realistic business cases. Collaborating within multidisciplinary and intercultural teams with both students and lecturers, you will search for truly innovative, achievable, and affordable business solutions using scientific and field research. 

    What kind of research do you do during your master?

    Research within the masters takes place in collaboration with the profession and is practice oriented. Through this practical orientation, there is a difference in emphasis with a scientific master programme. The masters have a strong theoretical basis, and the distinctive character of an applied science master is that scientific practice and theoretical knowledge will be deepened through practical application. Furthermore research results will always be translated into practical knowledge and theory. By the continuous interplay between theory and practice, you are well prepared to function at master's level in professional practice. 

    What is the end level that you achieve?

    During your study at the Graduate Department, you will obtain profession related competencies. Moreover, you will develop important skills which will help you during your further career. After successful graduation at an Master programme you will be able to:

    • successfully operate on a professional level in your business career;
    • make innovative contributions to develop and apply ideas aimed at renewing the profession and discipline;
    • contribute to solving complex business problems in a multidisciplinary and international context;
    • integrate current international scientific knowledge and perform research;
    • Manage a complex situation in new or unfamiliar circumstances related to the professional field;
    • combine a research and a practical approach;
    • collaborate in a (research) group and steer your own learning process;
    • discuss new solutions and the methods and arguments that led to the solution with specialists. 

    Why study a master at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences?

    Choose for a master at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences if you want to put theory into practice and practice into theory. If you have an ambition to have a real impact in business life and love to solve complex business cases, using scientific research, and in collaboration with international students and lecturers then a master programme is the place to study for you!

    *information is still subject to change