Education in Arts

    Two-year master in English, starts in September

    The Master of Education in Arts programme explicitly connects theory and practice, focusing on contemporary issues, which span different practices and discourses (education, pedagogy, politics, art, design, cultural theory, digital didactics, philosophy, museum education and ‘community arts’).

    The Master Education in Arts is a part-time two-year study programme of 60 ECTS focused on:

    • Secondary school teachers and tutors from higher art education seeking to improve their teaching and research skills.
    • Professionals with an interest in creating educational public programming for cultural institutions.
    • Artists, designers and cultural mediators interested in the field of art education.

    The programme is built around the concept of the critically reflective practitioner. It asks students to reflect on their role and practice in teaching and supporting students in a changing society and education environment and facilitates their continuous professional development. Students are encouraged to learn from each other.

    The Master Education in Arts aims to:

    • Discuss recent developments in contemporary art and design in relation to art education. What kind of challenges does today's world provide the art education of the 21st century?
    • Provide an insight into recent theories and methods in art education and pedagogy and foster a climate in which theory and practice go hand-in-hand.
    • Enable students to analyze the societal and ethical context of art education and to develop a view on recent developments in policies and ideas about art education.
    • Learn students how to develop a researching and self-reflective attitude towards educational and artistic practices.
    • Enable students to make use of and critically examine digital didactics and new media in art education.
    • Teach students to develop and implement new ideas, concepts and models of art education in different environments (schools, art institutions, public space).

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