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Smart Logistics in Asset Management

Exchange programme

During the programme Smart Logistics in Asset Management students are taught the principles of Asset Management and the service logistics processes on how to organise the maintenance of assets. The programme aims to deliver young professionals to the field with a good understanding and skills to support the business objectives of companies that rely on industrial assets in their primary processes.

In business environments but also in your personal surroundings you encounter and make use of many appliances. These assets are needed for the functioning of business process and normal life as we know it in our society. Think about all the public transportation systems, the signage, traffic systems, elevators and escalators. Heating systems, IT-systems, cleaning and safety systems, you will find assets that make our lives easier and safer everywhere you go. This is similar for business environments such as production and distribution companies. We expect these assets to be available and ready to function when we need them. This is regarded as the uptime of an asset. However, assets require monitoring and maintenance to reduce the risk of unavailability, so called downtime. In that case the downtime needs to be kept as short as possible. The use of industry 4.0 practices are needed in remote monitoring and control of processes in the service supply chain for the assets. You will learn about the practical use of smart technologies.

There is much interaction with the business field through the participation in field trips and seminars, plus the students will spend a substantial amount of time (11 ECTS) at a company doing actual field research on site.

This programme is not available in 2024/2025.

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What to expect

About the programme

In the first period the programme focuses on the theoretical knowledge needed for the practical research in the second period. The research framework is set up during this period. Combining research skills knowledge and team preparation for the second period.

During the second period two days a week the students are at the research company executing their practical research activities. In week 9 the results of the research are presented during a seminar for all students, the participating research companies and other guests.

In addition to the two research days, one day is scheduled at the university for classes on Spare Parts Inventory Management and guest lectures as part of the SLAM Service Excellence Today course.



The way we work within this programme:

  • Theoretical classes on Asset Management, Service Logistics, Human Factor and Asset Knowledge.
  • Student-led knowledge and workshops on Smart Technologies.
  • Group work during research assignments and extra curricular activities during guest lectures, seminars and excursions. 

Type of assessment 

  • Theoretical knowledge is examined with written/digital exams.
  • Asset Knowledge comprises of a portfolio and a verbal assessment to test your basic knowledge of Engines, Pumps Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems. The basic working principles and maintenance knowledge is tested.
  • The research assignment is assessed with a report and presentation.

Learning outcomes

If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

  • Understand and apply logistic techniques in service supply chains.
  • Understand how assets can be managed and monitored to create uptime.
  • Understand the principles and application of Smart technologies in industrial environments.
  • Understand the human factor elements in an industrial operation.
  • Apply research skills in a real life case.
  • Understand and apply inventory methods.



After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records


An indication of the subjects you can expect


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