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School of Education: Tailor-made programme

Exchange programme

The School of Education offers a tailor-made programme which gives exchange students the possibility to choose their own (language) courses in consultation with both their home university and the programme coordinators of the School of Education.


Teaching as a profession 

All the courses are preparing for the profession of a teacher in Primary, Secondary, Vocational and Adult Education. The design of the various teacher training programmes is quite similar but, naturally, they differ in knowledge areas, training schools (internships), instructional methods, and educational theories. After all, there is a difference between teaching toddlers and teaching adolescents; they require different qualities. In the exchange programme it is possible to choose courses from the different programmes. We can advise you in making these choices in order to compose an instructive programme. 

English speaking students

International students who do not have a good command of the Dutch language take part in the normal English, French or German spoken lessons if their level of the language matches the level required for the course. 

Dutch speaking students

International students with a good command of the Dutch language can choose courses from all Bachelor’s programmes within the School of Education (e.g. Biology, Geography, Mathematics, History etc.). However their Dutch language skills must equals the level of our Dutch students.  

On this page you find more information about the English, German and French programme. In case you have questions about the Dutch programmes you are advised to contact the international coordinator at the School of Education Janneke Verloop.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme information

What to expect

About the programme

The programme is not fixed, but tailor-made. A student can choose different courses connecting with the language proficiency. Internship can be arranged as well. There are courses available in the following departments:

  • English
  • German
  • French


As the student will create his own programme it is possible that some students gain 20 ECTS whereas other students gain 30 ECTS, according to the arrangements with the home institute.

For students who speak Dutch, there are many course possibilities.

In our Fall semester we offer another English taught programme for exchange students and regular Dutch students: International Class: 'Education in an Urban Environment'. 


Every course has its own way of teaching and testing. Most courses are taught as lecture and tutorials.

Type of assessment

  • Oral exams
  • Written exams
  • Port folio
  • Assignments

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire competences and knowledge that contribute to teaching in primary or secondary education and will gain the ability to become a highly competent teacher.

The learning outcomes will also be addressed per course as it is a tailor-made programme.


Block 1

Week 0 Introduction 
Week 1 First lessons 
Week 2 - 5 Lessons 
Week 6 Lesson free (project working)
  Autumn Break
Week 7-8 Lessons
Week 9 Exams


Block 2

Week 1 Lesson free 
Week 2 First lessons 
Week 3 - 5 Lessons
  Christmas Break
Week 6 - 8 Lessons 
Week 8 - 9 Exams 

Please note: this calendar is subject to change


Every school year is divided into two semesters. A fall semester (September – December/January) and a spring semester (February – June/July). Both semesters are divided into two blocks. Block 1 and 2 for the fall semester and block 3 and 4 for the spring semester.


After successfully completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of Records


Compose your own curriculum from the subjects below


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