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Program and Project Management

Exchange programme

Change and anticipation to (external) change is the new standard. There is a great need for good project managers, program managers and project leaders to lead organisations in an ever changing environment.

Program and project managers are result driven, stress resistant, structured, pro-active individuals, have good negotiation skills, are good communicators and have a good sense for political context, assessment skills and above all, are well able in handling budgets and targets.  

In project management it is all about realising a set of defined deliverables (the scope to fulfill the project's objectives) in a time and cost constrained operation up to quality standards and requirements.   

Program management focuses on the context and strategic objectives of a change in the organisation or the environment. These changes could be culturally driven, for instance by, starting Lean, a reorganisation or other developments in the work environment 

It is our ambition and intention to equip you with the appropriate knowledge, skills and insights, so you can become a successful project manager.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme information

What to expect

About the programme

The exchange programme Program and Project Management consists of different elements and has a diverse content.  

Techniques and Methodologies 
You will learn about and will be able to use a diverse range of methodologies and techniques such as; IPMA, MSP, PRINCE2, Systems Engineering, Agile/Scrum, Critical Chain, BIM, Systems Engineering You will also put these techniques and methodologies into practice, in a case, a project of your choice.

Flourishing Teams
A large part of the programme focusses on how to build strong and well-balanced teams, how to help them achieve success, and how to keep them strong and successful. We also focus on you: in environments that could be potentially stressful, how do you stay focused, healthy and happy. Flourishing teams need a flourishing leader to achieve project success. You will also gain knowledge on cultures, communication styles, and will gain skills on intercultural relationship building and managing differences and conflict. 

In close relation to the professional field 
In our programme, we work closely with experienced trainers from the professional field. Their professional experiences will help you develop your knowledge and skills in theory and in practice. Prominent project and program managers will provide guest lectures in the programme. 

Get certified! 
There is a possibility to validate your newly gained knowledge with a certificate like Agile/Scrum master, IPMA-D and PRINCE2.  


How can leaders reach project success, and hold on to that success as well? How can they keep their team in a high performance zone and deliver even more project success?

You will learn that you need hard skills, as well as soft skills to accomplish this.  That is why this programme has two parts: a hard skills one, and a soft skills one. Both intertwine chronologically, both are dependent on each other to reach a team’s full potential.  To underline this, we’ll sometimes cross-test, hard and soft together.

The hard skills are developed in the course Program Management (EASPPM01 – 15ECTS) and the soft skills in the course Flourishing Teams (EASPPM02 – 15 ECTS).

Type of assessment

Reports, assignments, assessments, written tests and a podcast 

Learning outcomes

After completing this exchange programme you will have developed the following competences:

  • Behavioural competences: Leadership and Engagement  
  • Technical competences: Control and Project success  
  • Contextual competences: Business, Environments and Project orientation   


Fall 2024

2 September 2024 Kick-off & getting to know Rotterdam
3 September 2024 Introduction to the programme
5 September 2024 Start date classes
Throughout the programme Exams
February 2024 Resits
7 February 2024 End date programme


After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records

Course related questions?

For course related questions, please contact Ms. Maureen Crijns (programme coordinator) and Mr. Peter Cambier (International Academic Coordinator, School of Engineering and Applied Science).


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G.J. de Jonghweg 4 - 6 3015 GG Rotterdam