International Business and Career (IBaC)

    Exchange programme

    Bringing together business students from all over the world, from Chile to China and from Sweden to South-Africa, with different backgrounds of knowledge and skills, International Business and Career (IBaC) offers students the chance to work together on real business cases in multidisciplinary and multicultural consultancy teams, in order to advise companies or non-profit organisations on how to approach international business challenges.

    In the IBaC programme, you will learn how to use market research and innovation techniques and will dive into the latest marketing models to make companies flexible and resilient in a fast-changing business world, challenged by digital and circular transitions and more than ever driven by its impact on society. Current global challenges require new leadership, gamechangers who will make transitions happen. Therefore, the IBaC programme has chosen to focus strongly on further develop your personal and professional (new) leadership skills.

    IBaC offers you an international community of around 50 young professionals from all over the world, who will build their long-lasting friendships through studying, playing and growing, within a five months’ pressure cooker.

    Do you want to challenge your business skills in a multicultural setting? Are you creative, innovative and a real problem solver? Are you driven by a curiosity about how to conduct business in a fast-changing globalised world? Are you interested in working across borders and making impact on the international business world by developing new leadership skills? Then IBaC is definitely your choice!

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    About the programme

    Within the IBaC programme, you will develop and (partially) implement a business strategy to a real-life business challenge in the field of circular, digital or purpose economy:

    • in an international multicultural context;
    • with a strong focus on marketing and innovation;
    • meeting the needs and wants of the customer;
    • thereby achieving impactful results;
    • that are logistically feasible and legally and financially sound.

    Innovative teaching approaches ensure a dynamic, stimulating environment, in which students are triggered to find strategic, creative solutions for real international business challenges, to develop critical competences and to achieve the very best. The competitive atmosphere encourages them to strive for optimal results, allowing them to stand out, to develop their personal and professional leadership skills and to gain a head-start when applying for a job.

    Build up your network! 

    In the IBaC programme, we host students from all over the world and from different disciplines, because we are working with 80 different partner universities. In a globalised business world, the importance of a well-maintained network cannot be over-emphasised. The contacts you will make during the semester, will broaden your international network and will help you with your future career.



    In a challenging real-life project, divided in three periods, student groups will form independent consultancy teams and will work as a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. The main purpose of this consultancy is to provide a company or non-profit organisation which is challenged with an international business problem, with strategically balanced and sustainable advice on how to approach this. 

    In some cases, the teams will be even multinational, collaborating with students from partner institutions across the globe, working in different time zones.

    Companies or NGOs selected as project partner  will expect a level of professionalism and will demand realistic solutions to their challenge. In most cases, digital transitions, circularity and impactful entre- or intrapreneurship will play a central part in the challenge given to the student teams.  

    Steps to Be Taken:

    1. Discover: Research and Analysis
      Analysing the problem.
    2. Define: Formulating the strategy
      Formulating the business strategy on how to tackle the problem.
    3. Develop: Market strategy and Marketing approach
      Creating a concise, but concrete strategic marketing and implementation plan, including a financial statement.
    4. Deliver: Implementation
      Implementing (partially) the strategy and analysing the first implementation results.
    5. Deliver: Recommendations to the organisation
      Presenting an improved business strategy with a concrete operational plan to the organisation.

    Course selection

    The full study load is 30 ECTS, divided as follows: 

    A. Project (18 ECTS)

    Real-life business project, including market research and innovation and consisting of 3 courses:

    • Defining the Challenge (6 ECTS)
    • Formulating the Strategy (6 ECTS)
    • Implementation and Advice (6 ECTS)

    B. Support Unit (6 ECTS)

    • European Business (2 ECTS)
    • Geopolitics (2 ECTS)
    • The Supply Chain and E-business (2 ECTS)

    C. Leadership Course (6 ECTS)

    For further questions, please send an email to

    Type of assessment

    There will be different forms of assessments:

    • Presentations
    • Reports
    • Oral assessments
    • Exams

    For more detailed information, see the specific courses (section Subjects on this page).

    Field trip

    One of the highlights of the IBaC programme is the field trip, as part of the research for the project. This optional field trip will be organised in two varieties: one at a European destination and one in the Netherlands. More details will be provided before the start of the programme. 

    Learning outcomes

    If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

    • Research and analyse a real-life international business challenge in a new-economy context;
    • demonstrate an understanding of research design and data collection methods including motivated choices for an approach;
    • apply the principles of design thinking to find solutions for user based challenges,
    • apply marketing/business concepts in an international, complex and challenging environment;
    • respond in a creative, flexible and innovative way to current international business challenges;
    • translate these problems into sustainable, future-proof, profitable and impactful solutions;
    • implement them, test them and improve them;
    • communicate with stakeholders in a professional manner;
    • satisfy the needs and wants of a client;
    • work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary team in an international context and know how to reflect on it.

    And furthermore:

    • Formulate a vision and show insight on how to develop futureproof responsible leadership;
    • show responsibility for your own futureproof career;
    • ask and process feedback regarding your own personal goals;
    • focus on and differentiate within the needs of others within a multi-cultural context;
    • handle uncertainty, unclarity and risks and act upon them.

    And will have:

    • A thorough understanding of the European and global context in which international businesses operate;
    • thorough practical knowledge of the supply chain and e-commerce.


    Fall 2024

    3-6 September 2024 Introduction days (organised by study programme)
    3 September 2024 Start date
    23 January 2025 Outro day
    24 January 2025 End date
    To be announced Exams
    20-21 January 2025 Resits




    After successfully completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

    • Transcript of Records
    • Special IBaC Certificate

    Besides this, the best team will win the IBaC challenge cup.


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