Impact Investment Management

    Exchange programme

    The exchange programme Impact Investment Management is designed to prepare students for the requirements of the investment management positions in companies and organisations, according to the latest developments in the business practice.

    This programme (minor*) is intended to provide students with a body of knowledge related to investing and funding approaches used by impact investors. This will be done through a combination of lectures, discussions and presentations by leading impact investors and thought leaders. The substantive areas covered will include:

    1. Financial instruments and financial markets;
    2. The differing financial return and impact return expectations of impact investors;
    3. How investors/funders and investment/wealth managers and advisors structure their portfolios and funds;
    4. Strategies used by impact investors to search for impact investing opportunities;
    5. Various financial modelling and investment valuation techniques.

    *Dutch students can follow a 30 ECTS specialisation as part of their study programme, this is called a "minor" in Dutch. To avoid confusion, be aware that this term is often used by the lecturers instead of exchange programme.   

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    About the programme

    One semester (30 ECTS) is divided into two blocks. Some courses are only offered in block 1 or 2, others will run throughout the entire semester. An overview can be found below:



    The way we work and assess within this programme:

    Learning outcomes

    If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

    • Asses, in a complex field of stakeholders, the impact of the investors and their portfolios beyond its financial performance so it contributes to the transition of society and creates value for people, nature and direct stakeholders;
    • Apply key valuation concepts, frameworks, models, value drivers, obstacles and insights in impact investing and explain how this differs from the traditional investing;
    • Own your achievements and disseminate your knowledge on various platforms such as the Impact Cafe of Blue City;
    • Possess sound research skills as evidenced in a transparent and systematic collection and analysis of data, reporting of research and findings and critically evaluate the credibility of your research;
    • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in creating a feasible recommendations for an Impact Investing project; 
    • Discover full potential as a human being and as responsible, global citizen who is aware of the boundaries of our planet;
    • Act as change-agent for a zero-carbon economy and a safe space for humanity within planetary boundaries.



    After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

    • Transcript of records

    Course related questions?

    For course related questions, please contact Mr. Aleksandar Peric (content representative/programme coordinator) and Ms. Tineke van der Gaast (International Academic Coordinator, Rotterdam Business School).


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