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Hey, Good Story!

Exchange progamme

Are you looking for an inspiring international experience that brings together branding, management and creativity? This exchange programme offers you a practice-based 10-weeks programme in which your team will give a Rotterdam-based company advice on their branding.

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Creative Branding & Management is part of the bachelor programme Creative Marketing & Sales. Creative Marketing & Sales is the perfect playground for future marketers who aim at a career in the creative industry or aspire to be the creative marketeer in other sectors. Creative ideas are everywhere, but the Creative Marketing & Sales student uses them to put innovating concepts or products on the market to turn them into money.

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The programme at a glance

Programme information

What to expect

About the programme

You will work in a team with Dutch and other international students. During the programme, you will take four courses which provide you with the theory needed to turn your branding project into a success.

Why choose Creative Branding & Management?

You will strengthen your skills in developing creative concepts for Rotterdam-based (international) companies. You will be challenged to find innovating solutions in brand management, building on the identity and authenticity of the brand. While working on the project in a multicultural team of students, you will develop your cross-cultural skills. Furthermore you will enlarge your network in the international creative industry. In the theoretical courses, you will be stimulated to actively process the information and concepts, so that you deepen your understanding of the theory and will be ready to put it into practice.

Constructive Business Confrontations - The Game (4 ECTS project)

Hey, good story! is a 16 ECTS programme. However, if you are interested in putting everything you have learned into practice, you can stay for The Game (4 ECTS).

The Game is an educative real-life “game” in which students work as a marketing/consultancy firm for interesting start-ups or companies that are looking to launch their business or would like to have a fresh view on new strategies in a Purpose Economy orientated setting. Under the wing of one of the world’s leading companies in innovative business design, you will be working with these start-ups to help achieve their goals.

Team members must cooperate to overcome obstacles and confrontations in this pressure cooker setting. You will learn what it is to work with international clients, while discovering how far you are willing to go to succeed. Does the end really justify the means, or will you rein in an overly enthusiastic entrepreneur who might be pushing a moral and ethical boundary?

Learning Outcomes The Game

If you have successfully completed this course, then you are able to:

  • Develop unique leadership skills;
  • Gaining first-hand experience in shaping businesses, specifically with regards to the Next Economy;
  • Create out-of-the box strategies to ensure products or services stand out;
  • Learning about the fast changing world and new economy;
  • Strategy development whilst working in an international setting;
  • Designing, analysing new strategic options and adding value;
  • Designing new Business Models and creating sustainable solutions.


It is possible to add one or more electives (2 ECTS each) to this programme. For more information, please send an e-mail to .


When you enroll in this course, you will join a class of approximately 50 students. Together with your classmates, you will attend the group lectures. Besides this, you will team up with a group of 3 or 4 other students to build a creative concept and develop a marketing-communication plan for a brand. The lecturers are available for questions and help, but it is up to you and your group to take the lead, to decide how you are going to apply the theory, and most of all: impress your (real) client!

Type of assessment

All courses will end with a final report, assessment and/or presentation. This is due to change.

Learning outcomes

If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

  • Work for and with marketing agencies;
  • Understand the process of designing a campaign that is in line with the brand identity, positioning and proposition of the brand;
  • Next to understanding this process, be able to apply these steps;
  • Support your ideas with relevant theories, consumer insights and other relevant data and visuals to convince your client to implement your marketing campaign.



Hey, Good Story! (16 ECTS)



7 March

Start date Hey, Good Story!

21 May

End date Hey, Good Story!

Exams and resits


4 - 8 April

Exams Hey, Good Story!

16 - 20 May

Exams Hey, Good Story!


Optional: The Game (4 ECTS project)

23 May

Start date Constructive Business Confrontations - The Game

11 June

End date Constructive Business Confrontations - The Game

13 - 17 June

Assessment Constructive Business Confrontations - The Game



After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records


An indication of the subjects you can expect

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