Game Design and Development

    Exchange programme

    In the programme Game Design and Development you work in multidisciplinary teams on the design and realisation of games. The programme is aimed at preparing you for a job at a small, independent games studio or to start your own studio. During this programme you launch two game projects and cater for an audience of people who play your games.

    This programme is aimed at proactive students who are able to work together with a team of experts. It is necessary that you know how to give substance to your learning objectives and that you dare to critically analyse your ideas. The approach is to launch a successful game by looking at market forces and the wishes of players. 

    Projects of the programme Game Design and Development can be found in the Google Play Store and on Steam: 

    • Beavers be Dammed (Wallflower Games)
    • We Were Here (Total Mayhem Games)
    • Goblin Gear Shop (Minus2)
    • Oh Trap! (Mint & Dough) 

    Facts and figures

    The programme at a glance

    Programme information

    What to expect

    About the programme

    The programme consists of 2 projects. You carry out the first project with a small team of 3 - 5 people. The goal is to make a 2D mobile game for Android smartphones. Parallel to this project, coaching and workshops are offered. The latter on the Unity game engine, pixel art, marketing and game design.

    After the first project, the programme changes into more student-driven. This involves realising a 3D game in a team of about 15 students. Again coaching and workshops -such as 3D modeling (Mayan), texturing and animation- are offered. 



    The way we work within this programme:

    • Lectures
    • Workshops
    • Coaching
    • Group activity (studio) on site

    Type of assessment

    To qualify for assessment, it is necessary that all scheduled presentations have been given during the project. The assessment of this project is an integral assessment per team (member role) in a project group.

    Learning outcomes

    If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

    • Design a game concept (designers)
    • Produce animated 2D spirtes (artists)
    • Build a 2D game in Unity3D (game developers)
    • Publish a game as part of a multidisciplinary team (all)
    • Document a game concept in a Game Design Document (game designers)
    • Produce animated 3D models (artists)
    • Build a game in Unity3D (game developers)
    • Produce a successful 3d game in a multidisciplinary team (all)



    One semester is divided into two blocks:

    • Block 1: 2D Game Development (9 ECTS)
      Runs from the first week of September through the first week of November.
    • Block 2: 3D Game Development (21 ECTS)
      Runs from the first or second week of November through the last week of January. 


    In case of a resit, those of Block 1 take place in Block 2, those of Block 2 take place in Block 3 (from first week of February through mid April).


    After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

    • Transcript of Records

    Other information

    To qualify for assessment, it is mandatory to attend a game related event. This may also be an online event. Any costs for visiting this event are the responsibility of the student.  Some software or distribution channels require additional costs and require a credit card. These costs will be borne by the student if the student chooses to use the software and/or the distribution channel.


    An indication of the projects you can expect


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    Where you can find us
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