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    Exchange programme

    The exchange programme Digital Marketing is designed to prepare you for the requirements and changes brought by the digitalisation of life and the impact of the Internet on business and marketing.

    During this exchange programme (minor*) you get the opportunity to focus on your own chosen individual assignments related to digital marketing and share it with your fellow students. You will also work in a team and develop together workshops on different digital marketing topics. An important part of this minor is the consultancy project, where you are going to develop a digital marketing plan for a company of your choice. As part of this assignment, done in a group of 3 students, you will redesign the company’s webpage and develop digital campaigns for them.

    We are going to share knowledge and experiences and many guest lectures, practical trainings and certifications will be offered to inspire you. 

    We expect from you: full dedication, pro-activeness, own initiatives, eagerness to learn, and willingness to share knowledge, creativity, co-creation and a professional attitude.

    *Dutch students can follow a 30 ECTS specialisation as part of their study programme, this is called a "minor" in Dutch. To avoid confusion, be aware that this term is often used by the lecturers instead of exchange programme.   

    This programme will by delivered in a hybrid form: 40% online / 60% offline on location.

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    About the programme

    Each block many diverse guest lectures from the digital marketing working field will be part of the programme. Intrinsic part of the instruction are trainings delivered by external parties, e.g. SEO/SEA, Google Analytics, UX design, Content strategy, Social selling, Storytelling, Growth hacking, Google Digital Workshop and more trainings provided by Google and partners and other leading organisations.

    Some great guest lectures have been given by the following companies: Google, RockBoost, Orange Valley, LeadToday, CoolBlue, Adidias, 3M, B-Corps, Unilever, Philips, Exact, Mirabeau, our own project companies and alumni. 


    The Digital Marketing exchange programme has its own website about Digital Markerting with more background information.


    The way we work within this programme:

    • Central (guest) lectures
    • Organise your own workshop 
    • Individual assignments

    NOTE: This programme will by delivered in a hybrid form: 40% online / 60% offline on location.

    Type of assessment

    You will have to make different assignments (digital marketing plan, individual assignments and organise a workshop) which are specifically designed to help you to bring marketing theories into practice. 

    Learning outcomes

    If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

    • Understand the scope and practice of the digital marketing in the context of the business world;
    • Relate digital marketing strategy to (multichannel)  marketing and business strategy;
    • Optimise the digital marketing multi-channels and omni-channels;
    • Understand and apply the RACE digital framework for digital planning and setting digital strategies;
    • Understand the 5s model and its implications on setting up strategic goals, objectives and KPIs;
    • Design successful digital marketing strategies and marketing mixes, using the most recent digital marketing tools and techniques;
    • Develop digital marketing presence online and create successful communication plans and campaigns.



    After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

    Course related questions?

    For course related questions, please contact Ms. Tanya Dimitrova (content representative/programme coordinator) and Ms. Tineke van der Gaast (International Academic Coordinator, Rotterdam Business School).


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