Trial study: Korean lesson

    The Korean language is popular throughout Asia. About 81.7 million people speak Korean making it the 16th most widely spoken language in the world. A lot of international companies, such as Samsung and Hyundai are also from South Korea.

    In this video, our lecturer Clara Choi will teach you basic sentences which you can use in Korea on a daily basis. Choose Korean as your foreign language, and you will learn how to speak, understand, read and write it! Korean is taught on elementary level. 

    Which answer suits best with the question?

    Can you answer these questions?

    • How do you say “Hello” in Korean?
    • How do you say “My name is Willem” in Korean?
    • When do you use ieyo or yeyo?
    • How do you say “I am a student” in Korean? 
    • Anyeonghasyo
    • Willem ieyo
    • If the last word of the sentence ends in a consonant, you add ieyo. If the last word ends in a vowel, you add yeyo
    • Haksaeng ieyo