Frequently asked questions

    International Business

    Below you can browse some FAQ about the International Business programme.

    Research universities focus on the 'why', whereas Applied Sciences focus on the 'how'. At Applied Science universities you can expect to do more group projects as well as a profession-oriented education.
    Project work is core to our education style, of course, there are individual courses and assessments but students should expect to do quite a bit of project work throughout the programme. 
    The year is split into two semesters, within each semester there are 2 blocks, so 4 blocks within the year. Each block consists of 8 weeks of classes followed by an exam period. 
    Almost all of the exams are integrated exams, which means that one exam is comprised of more subjects in one (eg. Finance & Accounting; Law; Economics, Logistics, etc). 
    Exams occur after the completion of each block. There are 4 blocks within the year. 
    The very minimum of credits that you must have at the end of the first year is 48 of 60 credits. If you have less, then you will receive a negative BSR at the end of your first year, unless we can establish certain personal circumstances. A negative BSR means that you have to end your studies at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
    Classes are kept to a maximum of 30. This way students can have an interactive learning experience and get to know and understand how their classmates work. 
    The book list is published on the RBS page within HINT (out intranet system). Once students apply they should receive their HINT log in details. Usually, a couple of months before the programme starts the books are published. 
    The fast track is a more intensive version of the normal 4-year programme, we combine the first two years into one, therefore in year 2, you are already expected to go out on an internship. Students who want to challenge themselves should look into whether they are applicable for this programme.
    There are many facilities for the students. There are plenty of work areas for the students, caféteria and project rooms. 
    You will select one language to study, however, international students will need to choose Dutch for their elective if they decide on another core language choice. At the end of year 1, you can decide whether to continue with the language (commerce track) or stop the language.
    Yes, we offer the commerce specialisation which is our language track for international business. Within this track you will follow one language and complete an internship and exchange abroad in a country which speaks your chosen language. 

    The languages you can choose from are: Dutch, French, German, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish or Russian.
    A minor is a specialisation programme you can take in year 3 or 4. You can choose to either do a specialisation minor here in Rotterdam or spend a semester abroad at a partner university. RUAS has a broad network of partner universities all over the world.
    Students go on an internship during the 3rd year. There are many networks students can use as well as speaking with students in the year above them who have just come back.
    Your internship destination can be influenced by your specialisation choice. If you choose Commerce then you will be required to go on your internship to a country that speaks the language you selected. If you choose any of the other 3 specialisations then you are free to go anywhere in the world. You just need to find a company that meets the requirements of the internship. 
    The University has university partners all over the world. For a complete list, you can contact the Exchange team at CoIA 
    The Rotterdam Business School has limited scholarships associated with external partners. For more information please follow this link
    Of course, at the Centre of International Affairs, there is a housing officer who is there to assist you in find accommodation, we recommend visiting our website first though
    Yes, there is the Erasmus Sport Centre at the Kralingse Zoom location where you can partake in over 50 different sporting associations. There are also numerous gyms and sporting clubs students go to within the city