Application procedure

    Are you ready to enroll?

    Registration in Studielink

    All students, regardless of nationality, have to apply through Studielink for our University and the study programme of their choice. Apply now!

    Non-Dutch high school diploma

    After registering in Studielink you will receive further information about your application from the Centre of International Affairs (CoIA).

    Dutch diploma

    Students with a Dutch diploma also apply via Studielink. After registering in Studielink you will receive further information about your application from the Student Service Center (SSC).

    Non-Dutch diploma

    Steps to your enrolment

      1. Studielink and logging in
        After you have applied via Studielink a letter with your login details will be sent to you via email. 

      2. Study Programme Check
        An invitation for the study programme check (SPC) interview will be sent to you by email. Participation in the SPC is mandatory and consist of at least an interview. You will also select your language choice during the SPC. Upon completion of the Study Programme Check, you will receive a recommendation as to whether or not you should start with the study programme. Only if you applied in Studielink after May 1st the recommendation is binding. The recommendation is given orally, but you can also find it in Osiris. More details and the conditions can be found on HINT

      3. Admissions
        When you apply on
        Studielink, you will also receive an email by the Centre of International Affairs (CoIA) with application instructions

        1. First you need to upload all of the required documents in OSIRIS Aanmeld. 
             - Passport or ID card (EU applicants only) 
             - Official English test result certificate: IELTS academic, TOEFL or CAE – online and home tests are not accepted. Refer to the admissions page for more information.  
             - Diploma and transcript*  
             - Certified ENG/NL/DE/FR/ES translation of diploma and transcript  
        If these documents are assessed and approved by the Admissions team and other course specific admissions requirements have been fulfilled (interview and/or competency test) you will receive your conditional admission offer. By logging in to OSIRIS Student you can easily check the status of your enrolment request and which admission requirements you must meet. You can login with your RUAS student account details. 
        2. For your final registration, original certified hardcopies of your diploma and final transcripts send by post or submitted in person are still required (see admission requirements).

      4. Payment and Visa 
        After receiving the conditional admission, additional information about practical matters like housing, insurance and visa will be provided by email by team Student Support. 
        1. Non-EU applicants will receive an invoice by email for tuition fees and additional fees that apply. EU applicants have to arrange the payment of tuition fees via Studielink. 
        2. Non-EU only: After you have paid the fees as stated on the invoice and we have received the required documents for the visa application, team Student Support will apply for your student visa (MVV) and residence permit (VVR). You (or your agent) will be informed when your MVV is ready to be collected at the Dutch consulate or embassy in your country.

      5. Welcome to ROFFA introduction days 
        After arrival in the Netherlands, we will welcome you to our University of Applied Sciences during the COIA introduction week which takes place before the start of your study programme. During these days CoIA will assist you with practical matters like municipality registration and residence permit and several social activities will be organized by CoIA and the student ambassadors. Apply now!  

    *If at the time of applying you are still in your final year, we can also determine if you are eligible to apply based on your current transcripts plus a statement from your school indicating when and for which diploma you are expected to graduate. 

    Application deadline Bachelor programmes

    European (EEA) applicants 31 Jul
    Non-European (non-EEA) applicants* 1 April
    Non-EU applicants with valid Dutch residence permit 31 Jul

    *Non-EU applicants have an early deadline of April 1st due to visa and/or residence permit applications that have to be submitted.