Choose your own direction

    In the last phase of your study, you can choose a minor. The minor is a programme in which you focus on a theme relevant for your future career. Following are some examples of minors you can choose from.

    Real Experience Borderless Entrepreneurial Learning

    It is important that we find new roads which lead towards more economic activity and more jobs. To achieve that, Real Experience Borderless Entrepreneurial Learning (REBEL) appeals to innovative students with guts and entrepreneurial mind set from all study programmes of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

    REBEL teaches them to set up their own business with a team in a real international environment, look for opportunities and use them, take risks and to find surprising solutions. From all participants we expect an open mind, an innovative mind set, commitment, a proactive attitude and a willingness to collaborate with others.

    This minor+ learns students not just to be rebels, but competent rebels. Give us your business idea and we give you a fine set of wings to fly across borders.