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Studying parent

Do you find it difficult to combine studying with your parental duties? We will look at your specific situation to determine how we can help you.

Extra support?

Student aan Zet at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers personal guidance and coaching for studying parents. They can give information and advice about how you can combine your studies with parenting, and how you can increase your study success. Some of the issues we can help with are motivation, planning and effective studying. Depending on your question, we can offer help.


Do you want to know more? Or are interested in the network? Please visit “Student Welfare Advisors” office at the Museumpark location: MP.H.00.050. Your contact person is Suzanne Melfor. You can also reach her at +31 (0)10 – 794 5113. 


Student Welfare Advisors, we can link you to a peer coach who is a studying parent as well. Or we can link you to a fellow student to help you with planning. It's a fun way to exchange experiences!


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