Do you have a visual, auditory or motor impairment? You may need some help or specific facilities. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers that support.

    What is it?

    A visual impairment means that sight or the ability to see is limited (blindness, partially sighted, colour blind). In case of an auditory impairment, hearing is limited (deafness, partially hearing). In case of motor impairment the ability to move is limited (for example, when in a wheelchair).

    Do you need extra support?

    You may need extra support studying with your impairment. Together with your student counsellor you can assess your situation and its effects on your study progress. Sometimes a plan and a few pointers are sufficient, but if necessary the student counsellor will advise your study programme to grant (temporary) facilities where and when possible. For example, extra time during exams, a bigger font size on your exam paper, being able to use 'Readspeaker', flexible deadlines or the opportunity to adjust your schedule.

    Official medical declaration

    When you first meet your student counsellor, bring your medical declaration with you from your physician or doctor. Your student counsellor uses this document to verify your medical situation.


    All Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences locations are accessible. A ramp or lift is available to enter the RUAS buildings. Most locations have special parking spaces. At every location you can find adapted toilets. Are you disabled? Please always check in with reception so that they can help in case of an emergency, such as an evacuation. If you need specific facilities, discuss them first with a student counsellor. Together with your study programme, you can check what is possible at your location.

    Financial compensation

    Are you studies delayed during your first four years of your study? You may be eligible for one extra year of student finance. The student counsellor will find out for you.

    Is studying too challenging due to your disability?

    Meet with the student counsellor. The student counsellor can help you with the decision to take a break from your study. You can also find out if you are eligible for certain facilities with respect to study finance, such as an extension of your student finance or the absolving of a (part of) your study debt if your disability has made it impossible for you to finish a study programme.