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If you are a student and have dyslexia there is a real chance that you have difficulty with language, for example, with writing reports. Maybe you need a bit longer to finish an exam. Please read about the available facilities here at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


In order to qualify for special facilities, you need a dyslexia declaration. If you previously stated that you have dyslexia when you registered in "Studielink", it will have been confirmed, and you have probably already uploaded your declaration. In which case you have already been able to specify the facilities that you need. These are the standard facilities for students with dyslexia:

  • Extra time for assessments (a maximum of 20 minutes every hour)
  • Lenient assessment of spelling and grammar errors
  • Exams printed on an A3 format
  • Follow the course Studying with dyslexia

In addition, you can make use of text-to-speech software Readspeaker in our learning environment. Depending on your situation other facilities may also be necessary. You can discuss these things with your student counsellor. Even if you have not yet submitted a dyslexia declaration, you can meet with a student counsellor to address your situation. 

Click here for more information about the course Studying with Dyslexia


Perhaps your problems do not involve language, but mathematics? People with dyscalculia have persistent problems with learning and remembering basic mathematical skills. Do you have a diagnosis for dyscalculia and need extra facilities? Visit the student counsellor to determine what you need to be able to study well.